Mission Statement:
-To improve the Labrador breed and enhance it's name.
-To provide well bred puppies with complete satisfaction.
-To honor the God we serve by the way we serve others.
"The heavens declare the glory of God; the skies proclaim the work of his hands. Day after day they pour forth speech; night after night they display knowledge."  Psalm 19:1-2
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A Healthy Bloodline
Our Dogs -- We have high quality dogs from carefully bred bloodlines. Our breeding stock is healthy and free of hereditary problems to our knowledge. We do a lot of research and are very careful with the dogs we use for breeding and which breeders we work with. We keep all our dogs up-to-date with vaccinations and de-worming, and we supplement their diets with NuVet vitamins.

OFA Certification -- Hip Dysplasia is a common concern in Labradors. O.F.A. (Orthopedic Foundation for Animals) does accurate evaluations of hip x-rays to determine a rating, if they pass for certification, of either: fair, good, or excellent.
All our puppies come from parents that have OFA certifications or OFA preliminary ratings.

Puppy Care -- Our puppies get excellent care and we do our best to keep them in superb condition. They get plenty of exercise, socialization, veterinary care, and are raised in a clean, temperature-controlled environment. They are handled from day one and get individual care and attention. Before going to new homes our puppies get health examinations by our veterinarian, puppy vaccinations, and are on a de-worming schedule. They also come with a written health guarantee.

Our Vet -- Keystone Animal Hospital.  www.keystoneanimalhospital.com.  My experience in working with Keystone Animal Hospital has been very good and I definitely recommend them to anyone in the area… They are very knowledgeable and experienced in their work.
Keystone Animal Hospital
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Our Labs
Nathan Stoltzfus
Oxford, PA
Dunwood Labradors began in 1989 with our Grandpa and his two dogs, 'Mindy' and 'Mike'. Since then we, as his grandchildren, have carried on the legacy of striving to improve the bloodlines of our favorite breed, the Labrador Retriever! We take breeding and raising America's most popular family dog very seriously!

The Kennel... Dunwood Labradors is a small but professional breeding kennel, breeding primarily for quality rather than quantity. We are state licensed and registered with the American Kennel Club. We are located on a beautiful farm in Southeastern Pennsylvania. Our dogs enjoy the many acres of land on our farm when taken on walks and they also love playing together in our large fenced in yard. Our indoor kennel is kept at a comfortable temperature for our adult labs and puppies, all our dogs have free access to the fenced in yard.

We sell quality English type puppies with generations of good breeding including Champion lines, our puppies are OFA certified, Health guaranteed, and AKC registered. We sell our puppies as family pets and companions -our dogs are perfect with kids! Occasionally our puppies also become Hunting buddies or Therapy dogs. We have many repeat customers as well as referrals by our veterinarians and customers. We have been happy to provide our Labs to families not only in our area and surrounding states but also as far as CT, MN, NV, IL, FL, and NC!
Breeding for Quality
We enjoy the English Type Lab with correct A.K.C. standard confirmation the best. The all famous "block head" that so many people are looking for is dominant in most of our dogs.
Dunwood Labradors is committed to producing quality puppies with good health, calm friendly personalities, and correct show quality conformation. We strive to use the best dogs for each mating and breed for good qualities keeping in mind the highest priorities in the lab breed.
We have been adding to our outstanding Dunwood bloodlines by using dogs from well-known experienced breeders in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Virginia, and California. Some of our bloodlines go back to world-famous breeders in England and also have many champion titles in the pedigrees. In this way we are complimenting the characteristics of our dogs, as well as getting good outcrosses. Most of our dogs have Champion, Hunting, and Companion Dog achievement titles in their pedigrees.

All our breeding stock is permanently identified with microchip. We do not inbreed our dogs, or over work them with producing litters. Our "outside" dogs also come from careful, dedicated, experienced lab breeders with high quality bloodlines, they are often breeders that are active in conformation shows and AKC competition classes.
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